BAMMA 11 : 'Professor X' downs Marshman in thriller

"(...) The contest was the main event of BAMMA 11, which took place at National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England, and aired in the U.S. on AXS TV.

Frenchman Foupa-Pokam initiated an early takedown and took top position in the first round, yet it was Marshman who locked in an armbar in the early going that looked certain to end the fight. Foupa-Pokam somehow survived the gruesome hold only to find himself back in the position shortly after. Still, he weathered the storm yet again and reset on the feet. Perhaps surprisingly, he went again for a takedown and comfortably settled into top position.

Foupa-Pokam took the fight quickly to the floor again in the second frame and opened up a nasty gash on his opponent's face with a ground-and-pound assault. Marshman was brought up from the floor for a doctor's inspection, but the cut was the below the eye and he was allowed to continue. Bloodied and battered, Marshman continued to fight and threatened in the final minute with a deep triangle-choke attempt in the entertaining back-and-forth scrap.

Foupa-Pokam continued his strategy in the third frame, setting up on top and firing punches and elbows from the top position. Marshman wasn't able to muster any real counter in the third, marking a clear Foupa-Pokam frame, but the score of the fight was anything but a certainty when the two were brought to the center of the cage. Somehow, two judges believe Foupa-Pokam won all three rounds, and while the right man probably walked away with the victory, "Professor X" was awarded an oddly scored split-decision result with scores of 30-27, 28-29 and 30-27. (...)"

Source : mmajunkie.com

"The SFL 1 card saw UFC veteran Xavier Foupa-Pokam demonstrate his usual fluid Thai Boxing"

(...) The SFL 1 card saw UFC veteran Xavier Foupa-Pokam demonstrate his usual fluid Thai Boxing on the way to a TKO win over Joey Guel and the evening’s co-main event saw Serbian female Sanja Sucevic unexpectedly submit the 8-0 Lena Ovchynnikova in what was the best fight of the evening (there was also a second fight going on between Ovchynnikova’s rash guard and her breasts, which seemed to be trying to escape from it).



Source : figthersonlymag.com




Super Fight League: Xavier Foupa-Pokam retrouve le chemin de la victoire.

Xavier Foupa-Pokam (22-17) a complètement dominé son adversaire Joey Guel (14-8) le 11 mars dernier à l’occasion d’un évènement qui avait lieu en Inde. L’arbitre Herb Dean a décidé de mettre fin aux souffrances de Guel après le premier engagement. (..) Le représentant de la Snake Team a rapidement touché la cible avec ses jambes en frappant avec beaucoup de puissance et de précision le corps de son adversaire. Autour du millieu du premier engagement apparaît une énorme coupure au front de Joey Guel suite à un coup de poing de Pokam. Belle victoire de l’ancien combattant du UFC qui n’aura jamais été inquiété lors de ce duel.



Source : lavoixdesguerriers.com


Regardez la Super Fight League en direct a la télévision et...

En direct sur Youtube !!!

Watch Super Fight League live on TV and...

Live on Youtube !!!

Professor X Vs Joey "The Coyote" Guel

The Weigh-in

Le Professeur X contre Joey "Coyote Guel : La Pesée.

Super Fight League 1


Voici la carte de la première édition de la Supreme Fight League, la première organisation de MMA indienne et dont l'un des propriétaires n'est autre que Ken Pavia, agent de combattant. L'event se déroulera le 11 mars 2012 à Mumbai.

On retrouvera notamment Xavier "Professeur X" Foupa-Pokam lors du premier combat.


1) Middle Weight :

Xavier "Professeur X" Foupa-Pokam (France) VS Joey Guel (USA)

2) Heavy Weight :

Satish Jha (Inde) VS Jimmy Ambritz (USA)

3) Light Weight :

Lakwinder Sekhon (Inde) VS Madura Rathnayake (Sri Lanka)

4) Welter Weight :

Mohd Shahid (Inde) VS Mayura (Sri Lanka)

5) Combat féminin :

Lena (Ukraine) VS Sanja (Serbie)

6) Feather Weight :

Hardeep Singh (Inde) VS Jeff Bailey (USA)

7) Feather Weight :

Chaltanya Gavall (Inde) VS Tiran (Sri Lanka)

8) Light Heavy Weight :

Nell Natasadu (Inde) VS Travis Bell (USA)

9) Heavy Weight :

Bob Sapp (USA) VS James Thompson (UK)




Source : Ikusa.fr

Super Fight League announces the signing of Paul Kelly, Professor X, and Lena Ochynnikova

SFL is committed to developing and showcasing the best domestic Indian talent, cultivated by renowned coach Dan Isaacs, alongside internationally recognised names.(Mumbai, DATE 2012) India’s first MMA Organization Super Fight League (SFL) is proud to announce its second wave of signings: Paul Kelly, Xavier Foupa-Pokam and Lena Ovchynnikova for four fight exclusive deals.

Super Fight League will debut on March 11th at the Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai and fans from all over the world will be able to tune in and experience the action live and free on YouTube following the announcement of a three year deal with YouTube earlier this month. Headlined by an anticipated HW bout between James Thompson V Bob Sapp, Super Fight League will debut a unique blend of world class fights and top music entertainment.



Source : mmaplayground.com





Le « PROFESSEUR X » signe avec la promotion Indienne Super Fight League

Le premier évènement du SFL devrait avoir lieu le 11 mars prochain et devrait mettre en vedette un affrontement entre James Thompson et Bob Sappp.


La première promotion d’arts martiaux mixtes Indienne Super Fight League continue d’annoncer les signatures de contrats.

Cette fois-ci la promotion vient d’annoncer qu’elle avait conclu une entente avec le combattant français Xavier Foupa-Pokam.

La promotion avait aussi annoncé la signature de l’ancien poids lourd de l’UFC, Todd Duffee, ainsi que de Trevor Prangley et Paul Kelly.


Source : MMAnouvelles.com





Rentrée 2011 de la Snake Team



SAISON 2011/2012 SNAKETEAM au Snake HD Dojo :


Ouverture des portes dès septembre.


Adhésion : 430e pour 1 an

10 cours par semaine du lundi au vendredi.


Chaque cours dure 2 heures :

échauffement/techniques/sparri​ng/prépa physique.


Cours de FreeFight-Fitness pour les filles à raison de 3 fois/semaine.


Plus de renseignements ici.





100% Fight IV






On connait désormais le main event du 100% Fight 4 et l'affiche est belle. Elle opposera 2 anciens combattants de l'UFC, Lucio LINHARES et Xavier FOUPA-POKAM.


Lucio LINHARES possède un palmarès de 14 victoires et 6 défaites et il a notamment battu Karl Amoussou par TKo au M-1 Challenge fin 2008.


Xavier FOUPA-POKAM possède un palmarès de 21 victoires et 13 défaites et est l'un des meilleurs combattants Français.


Xavier est connu pour son pied poing et Lucio est une ceinture noire de Jiu-Jitsu Brésilien. Encore une fois il y aura une opposition des styles, même si les 2 combattants sont forts dans tous les domaines.



Pour cette 4ème édition Atch vous réserve un plateau de combattants spectaculaires et percuttants, avec en plus du main event un tournoi à 4 combattants pour célébrer le 1er Champion des -77kg du 100%FIGHT. 


Rendez-vous le 15 Janvier 2011 à la Halle Carpentier, 81 Boulevard MASSENA, 75013 Paris !







We now know the main event of the 100% Fight 4 ; it's going to be awesome. 2 UFC veterans, Lucio LINHARES and Xavier FOUPA-POKAM will face-off this night.


Lucio LINHARES has 14 victories and 6 defeats. He beat a well-known french fighter, Karl Amoussou, by TKo in M-1 Challenge at the end of 2008.


Xavier FOUPA-POKAM has 21 victories and 13 defeats and is one of the best French fighters.


Xavier is known for muay-thaï and Lucio is a Brazilian Jujitsu black belt. An opposition between these 2 styles, even both fighters are strong in all the domains.



For this 4th event, Atch promises a card of spectacular fighters with 10 others superfights and 4 fighters tournament to celebrate the 1st -77 kg 100% FIGHT Champion. 


See you on January 15th, 2011 in Halle Carpentier, 81 Boulevard MASSENA, 75013 Paris !





Source : Ikusa.fr







01 - Lucio LINHARES (Brésil / Alliance Jiu Jitsu) vs Xavier FOUPA-POKAM (France / Snake Team)


TOURNOI POUR LA CEINTURE DES -77KG du 100%FIGHT (-77kg Tournament) :


- Florent BETORANGAL (Taekwondo / Parabellum Combat Club) 

- Seydina SECK (Kickboxing / ABS Team) 

- Gary KONO (Muay Thaï / Free Fight Academy) 

- Gael GRIMAUD (Judo / Haute Tension)



05 - Marc EMMANUEL vs Matthias RICCIO ( 93kg) 

06 - Fayçal HUCIN vs Karim MAMMAR (-84kg) 

07 - Gary DECORDE vs Eric CEBAREC (-84kg) 

08 - Yves LANDU vs Araik MARGARIAN (-70kg) 

09 - Medhi MABROUK vs Christophe GAUTHIEROT (-84kg) 

10 - Manuel VINCENT-SULLY vs Cédric INGARGIOLA (-77kg) 

11 - Chamil ISMAILOV vs Karim GHAJJI (-77kg) 

12 - Guillaume PIQUET vs Tahar HADBI (-84kg) 

13 - Rudy SAOUDI vs Sébastien GRANDIN (-77KG) 

14 - Francky GUILLOT vs TBA (-70kg)





Tournoi Européen


European Tournament






"(...) Catégorie - de 87 kg : Slava Vassilevski bat Xavier "PROFESSEUR X" Foupa-Pokam par Etranglement (Round 3 - 2min 40) :

Un combat de feu dans lequel Xavier domine les débats le 1er round, le 2ème round et ouvre son adversaire sur un coup de genou. Le combat aurait d'ailleurs pu être arreté à ce moment-là... Dans le milieu du 3ème round, Xavier est pris en ground and pound et forcé à donner son dos. Le russe applique alors un étranglement.  Une erreur technique lui fait payer cash une victoire qui pourtant semblait toute dessinée."



" (...) - 87 kg: Slava Vassilevski beats Xavier " PROFESSOR X " Foupa-Pokam by RNC (Round 3 - 2min 40) :


A crazy fight ! Xavier dominates the 1st round and the 2nd round so much that a wide wound shows on his opponent head, certainly due to a knee strike. The fight could have been stop at this moment... In the middle of the 3rd round, Xavier is taking ground and pound and forced to give the back. So, the Russian applies a rear-necked-chocke. A technical mistake that costs him what was looking to become a victory."

Source : Site internet du Sambo 69 team





Remerciements à Cyrille "THE SNAKE" Diabaté, David Ducanovic, Elchin Ganbarov, et tout le Team France ; Jérôme Buisson, Sébastien Libebe et Serge Canario.



Plus d'images dans la Gallerie Russia VS France.


More pictures in the Gallery Russia VS France.





100% Fight 2 : Le Professeur X bat Jean-Francois Lenogue.

100% Fight 2 : Professor X beats Jean-François Lenogue



"(...)L'heure du combat le plus attendu est arrivée. Coubertin est divisé en deux clans : d'un côté les supporters de Lenogue et Haute Tension, de l'autre ceux de Foupa-Pokam, alias « Professer X », et de la Snake Team. Ne pas céder à la pression, c'est la consigne commune aux deux coins. Le premier round est à l'avantage d'un Foupa-Pokam qui avance et touche son adversaire avec ses poings. Lenogue bouge, tourne et encaisse. La deuxième reprise est à l'image de la première. Lenogue a du répondant mais il ne parvient pas à véritablement inquiéter son adversaire. L'un veut rester debout, l'autre cherche les projections. Finalement, les deux hommes vont au terme de la rencontre et c'est le « Professer X » qui sort vainqueur du face à face, sous les applaudissements de ses supporters.

Son coach de la Snake Team, Cyrille Diabaté, fera quant à lui ses débuts à l'UFC, le 29 mai prochain, face à Luiz Cane."




" (...) The time of the most expected fight has just come. Coubertin Stadium is divided into two clans : on one side the supporters of Lenogue and Haute Tension, on the other one those of Foupa-Pokam, alias " Professer X ", and the Snake Team. Not give in to the pressure, this is the instruction common to both corners. Foupa-Pokam takes advantage in the first round. He advances and rocks his opponent with his fists. Lenogue moves, turns and eats the blows. The second round is just like the first one. Lenogue tries what he can, but Professor X's still confortable. One wants to remain standing, the other one hunts for takdowns. Finally, both fighters go to the term of the bout and "X" goes out victorious, under the applauses of his supporters.

As for him, his coach of the Snake Team, Cyrille Diabaté, will make his UFC debut on May 29th of this year, facing Luiz Cane. "



Punchmag n°171 / Avril 2010





Remerciements  à Nabil Guerroudj, Fightway.fr, Souad Soulimani, Punchmag et Atch productions.



Plus d'image dans la GALLERIE consacrée au 100% Fight 2.


More pics in the 100% Fight 2 GALLERY.





“Professor X” Xavier Foupa-Pokam signs with UFC; set to debut vs. Kang at UFC 97

Le Professeur X signe à l'UFC. Il affrontera Denis Kang lors de l'UFC 97.



The news of Foupa-Pokman’s signing and his scheduled debut against Kang was first reported by MMAjunkie.com and FiveOuncesOfPain.com has since confirmed the news with a source close to the fighter.

Foupa-Pokam, 20-9, won last week at Palace Fighting Championships 12 with a first round knockout over Kyacey Uscola following a flying knee to the body. The 26-year old French native has won 12 of his last 13 fights and has competed for the DEEPCage Rage, and Jungle Fight promotions.

His opponent, Kang, fell to 31-11-1 following a second round submission defeat against Alan Belcher atUFC 93 earlier this month. A native of Canada, Kang at one point was ranked as a top ten middleweight by all of the major rankings polls in existence. The former PRIDE superstar earned a reputation as one of the world’s best with notable victories over Andrei SemenovMurilo “Ninja” RuaAmar Suloev, andAkihiro Gono.

UFC 97 is set to take place on Saturday, April 18 and will emanate from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. In addition to Foupa-Pokam vs. Kang, the card is set to be headlined by Anderson Silvadefending his UFC middleweight title vs. Thales Leites. Additionally, former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell will return to action against former PRIDE star Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

Other reported matchups for UFC 97 include David Loiseau vs. Ed HermanBrian Stann vs. Krzysztof SoszynskiLuiz Cane vs. Steve CantwellMark Bocek vs. David BielkhedenT.J. Grant vs. Ryo ChonanJason MacDonald vs. Nate Quarry, and Sam Stout vs. Matt Wiman.


Xavier Foupa-Pokam

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